Wednesday, 28 September 2011


For the past two days a production company have been filming 'white van man' at the pub opposite my flat. I thought I'd try out some observational photography/photojournalism.

White Van Man

The photo above captured a friendly pat on the back from the director to one of the actors. However, to the naked eye it could easily be seen as a disagreement. What is the old saying? 

'A picture paints a thousand words'

p.s. that guy in the purple top used to be in Hollyoaks....


The set of photos below looks at aperture and how it can change the appearance of a photo.

In a hurry
ISO 800 18mm 0EV F/22 4.0

I chose a small aperture for 'In a hurry' to create a longer exposure to capture the traffic's headlights to create a ghost image.

Child's play
 ISO 200 18mm -0.7EV F/3.5 1/80
A larger aperture of f stop 3.5 meaning a larger gap for the light to pass through was used for 'Child's play'. I used this setting to pick up the detail and texture on the brick wall.

Indian Summer 1
 ISO 640 18mm -0.7EV F/22 1/25
Indian Summer 2
ISO 200 18mm -0.7EV F/3.5 1/400

The two pictures above show the difference in aperture settings on the same scene. With a smaller aperture more details of the landscape such as the college library are clear and well lit. However, the second photo has produced richer colours but in this has created darker shadows.