Theme 4 - Portraits

Side Profile
Photographs below were shot from the side as inspired by PEROU. Helene has a great profile so I decided to maximise this by shooting a few profile images. I wanted to create smooth lines and felt by having her hair over her ears and jawline this would focus in on the profile of her nose and chin. I decided to shoot these images in low light / low saturation on a black background to make her skintone stand out.

In the two images below I wanted to convey emotion/expression through slight changes in Helene's pose/facial expressions as seen in my research by Mario Testino. Each issue gives off a different expression.

The image above shows a small smirk and intense gaze into the camera. It's a suggestive photo which is coveyed through the slight lifting of the move and narrowing of the eyes. 

 The image above conveys boredom. The gaze is a lot less intense and introducing a head tilt breaks the connection with the image. Helene's body language is more lax and unposed. 

In the two shots below I experimented with more movement in the image and a theme of 'Rule Britania' as it was close to the Jubillee. The addition of props and Helene's side gaze brings the focus more on to the whole image (which is the idea for fashion photography) rather than just a portrait image.

Simple Potraiture
In the below images I focused on simple portraiture as seen in my Rankin research. With plain backgrounds and lowkey lighting I focused the images on Helene. With the use of a reflector in image one and two I was able to create flattering lighting to bring out Helene's skintone. I particularly like image three where the edge of the studio creeps in to the image on the lefthand side, this creates a very relaxed feel to the image.

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