Thursday, 6 October 2011


On Tuesday night we were asked to start thinking about our themes for our portfolio projects. We need to make a choice of two out of the fives themes that were given, which include portraits, nature and documenting an event.

My first thought was portraits. I'd really love to develop my portrait photography skills and this is a great chance to get started. I've had various ideas which all revolve around the same theme - Natural. I don't want posed airbrushed images, I want to capture the face in a natural expression. Whether this be laughter, sadness, shock, bewildered or even a sneeze...I think photographs that have movement in the face created an added depth to the image.

(I'll keep adding to this post as the week goes on)

John Madden aged 57 - Photo by Michael O'Brien

Part of the underground series - David Solomons

Tate Modern - Matt Stuart


  1. If possible practice taking some portraits this week and blog them or bring them along to class.

  2. Hi Luce,
    That shots fantastic.

    Regards Peter