Thursday, 1 March 2012

Presenting photo images

To present my collection of costal landscapes I have chosen to use a photobook. I looked through a few different presentation techniques such as individual printing, flickr, postcards and a scrapbook. I decided to go with a photobook as I wanted to have a permanent record of my work 

Why have you presented your work in this manner?
I decided to produce an Apple photobook due to the quality and simplicity of the book. I wanted my photos to do the talking which meant they were the focal part of the presentation .
I researched a number of different photo book providers and felt Apple was the best company to go with. Having edited all my photos on an Macbook Pro, I felt the images would be of maxiumum quality keeping to the same company to produce my photobook. Another reason I chose an Apple photobook was their key branding rule - Simplicity

Describe the process for presenting your work.
The process to make my photobook involved making the final selection of 10 images. I decided I wanted a mixture of wide angle landscapes next to standard size images. Once I chose my images I began to upload these via the online photobook software
I then moved on to deciding the order of the photos in the book. To give the book a uniformed feel. I evenly placed smaller images followed by double spread images. Unfortunetly some of my images were too large for the size guidelines of the booklet, however I made the decision to still include these images as I felt they still worked even at a slightly cropped size.

Describe other presentation methods considered and give a explanation for deciding against them.
I considered printing and mounting all my images but felt that as i have not mounted images this before, it may not have a had a professional finish. I decided a photobook would be a tidy and compact way of displaying all my images at one time. 

What health and safety considerations did you observe?
I decided to go with Apple to print my photobook as they are a professional company who print these books on a large scale. Due to the printing being done professionally i did not need to worry about injuries that could be occurred during the printing.

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