Monday, 14 November 2011

Research - Landscapes - Texture

The intention of my theme is to take photos that illustrate the texture of a scene. Whether this be leaves on the ground,  waves of a choppy sea, moss on stones  or a morning fog. I want to illustrate that detail is an important part of landscape photography. 

Below I have included a selection of photos that have caught my eye during whilst browsing the web. I love the variety of colour throughout the photos due to the time of day. This is something I need to consider when planning my shoots. A dawn shoot would require an early morning but could mean capturing amazing dew/fog to enhance a photo, as seen in James Corad's image below. Shooting at sunset would mean making the most of the last remaining sunlight of the day which could create interesting shadows and a warm image. 

I shall continue with exploring my theme further next week by discussing equipment. 

James Coard - Purple Dawn
View more of James' work 
Tim Parkin

Tim Parkin
Nigel Halliwell

Nigel Halliwell 

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  1. check out this journal i think he's great.. you dont have to sign in just click to the left of the photo to see more