Monday, 23 January 2012

Landscapes - Theme 2 - Filey Coast

A few landscapes I took along the Filey coast at the weekend. Unfortunately it was high tide at 2:30pm which hampered my plans at taking some images from out on brig (I definitely did not want to get stuck out there with my camera!) so I stuck to the tops of the cliff. 

This image was taken as the sun was setting. As Filey is on the east coast the sun sets over the land rather than the sea. I took this image with my 50mm lens as it performs better in low light then my kit lens. I've lightened the image slightly in photoshop. There is a seagull in the left hand corner which I might attempt to erase.

This was taken on Humanby Gap which is a more enclosed isolated cove. It was taken around 2:30pm with an overcast sky. Because of this the sky is mainly white/grey and drains the original image so I have converted it to black and white to give the coastline more contrast against the sky and sea.

This is taken on the beach at Hunmanby Gap, again at just before high tide. I've played with the highlights and shadows in this image to add texture to the clouds and wake.

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  1. The sky in the first one is awesome. It looks like it's on fire!