Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Research - Food Photography

Marie Louise Avery - Food Photography


I love the use of a plain white background and positioning of the fruit and veg in the above images. Marie Louise approaches the shots with simplicity letting the produce do the talking. 

Charlotte Hurst - Commercial food photography


In Charlotte's commercial work we can see how she has arranged the items to come across well aesthetically. The green in the strawberries is picked up in the green web tab. In the second image Charlotte's use of a glass teapot, cup and saucer means the tea does the talking. The inclusion of a model could have taken the attention away from the product but by only including the torso this is avoided.

Jean Cazals - Food Photography


I love the rustic and DIY feel to all Jean's images. The second image above has no doubt be preened to perfection but by using crumpled paper and a cheesecake that is evidently homemade it brings a lot more texture into the image. the first image above uses a palate of brown colours which brings out the earthy colours of the Pomegranate. I love how Jean's work is not overly photoshopped his approach is clean, graphic and based on natural style. Jean says that elegant styling and food presentation are the most important parts to his photography. .

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  1. You're doing food photography?! DROOL :) Look forward to seeing your stuff - noms!