Monday, 25 June 2012

Statement of Intent - Portraits

Candidate Name: Lucy Prosser
Theme: Portraits
Title: Helene

Portrait images

Intentions/purpose of the photography to be undertaken
To deliver a set of 10 natural portrait images of the chosen model Helene. I wanted to produce portrait photos that were relaxed and informal, stepping away from washed out backgrounds ala modern mass produced portrait photography.

Reasons for selection of theme (including inspiration from the work of others)
With a keen interest in fashion magazines and blogs, I am inspired by the endless collection of photos produced. The current trend for highstreet fashion magazines is a very natural laid back approach to images. My first idea was to shoot outside in the grass but I decided after looking at the British weather that this may not be possible!

The photo imaging equipment and medium that will be used and why & How light quality can be used to help convey the visual message
I will use a Canon EOS 450D camera along with my kit lens.
I chose to keep lighting to a minimum by shooting with two bulb lights either side and a softbox at the front to illuminate Helene. I experimented with how shots using a grid to create a more soft backlit image. 

I started my set up with two Bowens studio lights (750W) to give a simple light. I then used a softbox infront of Helene to soften the light that would fall on her to give the portraits a natural/soft finish. I experimented with the use of the grid on the Bowens light to the right hand side of Helene to give either a soft backlight or a harsher more concentrated light with the grid off.  In shooting portraits I wanted to create a good light from below Helene, this was achieved through the use of a golden reflector. 

The use of a beauty dish (seen below) helps light bounce off the dish's light surface giving an even and flattering lift to the subject. The dish also helps divert light away from the centre and helps eliminate hotspots and harsh shadows.  

Techniques that will be used and how they will help convey the visual message

All my images were taken in RAW format, meaning I was able to use Photoshop CS5 to post process certain elements of the images. Although my model Helene has a flawless complexion and great cheekbones I used various vanity techniques in Photoshop such as brightening of the eyes and removing fly away hairs against the background of the image. These techniques enabled me to present a more professional looking fashion photo for my collection. Using tools such as saturation and clarity let me bring an element of texture into the images. 

Safety considerations
I briefed Helene before the shoot to her let know it was a relaxed session and that she could take a break or sit down whenever she felt like it. I also warned her that I'd be using flash photography and asked her to cover her eyes each time I tested the flashes.

Whilst positioning the lighting equipment I made sure heavy equipment was carried by two people. All electrical equipment had been PAT tested by the College. 

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