Thursday, 28 June 2012

Portraits - Research


Rankin is famous for his portraits, shooting countless celebrities and in 2009 he shot 500 ordinary Brits (including my friend Jo, image below) in 20 days. I love the simplicity of his shoots, no fussy props just good old portraiture! 

Mario Testino

I like how Mario Testino (no introduction needed for this man!) has portrayed a sense of attitude in this shot by very small adjustments to the models face. Head up, eyes narrowed and lips open. In some of my shoots I will try and convey emotion like this.


Perou is another famous fashion photographer. In the two images below I really like the use of the subject being side on and especially the shadow it creates on Daniel Craig's face. I also love the emphasis on Sienna's cheekbones, I will try and recreate this emphasis in my model (Helene) by shotting some shots side on.

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